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Hardware & technical resources

Urbica is the best-equipped French companies with 3D laser scanners.

Unlike the majority of its fellow companies, Urbica has its own scanners, in order to ensure consistent availability to meet any demand.


Specific hardware

  • Four Trimble FX 3D laser scanners
    Scanner fx laser 3D
    The most recent device to be acquired by Urbica, the Trimble FX is the most advanced scanner on the market in terms of accuracy (1.0 mm) and speed of data acquisition (800,000 points per second). Phase displacement technology allows the capture of tens of millions of 3D measurements in just a few minutes. These scanners are used for interior industrial applications (in nuclear power plants or the chemical industry, offshore platforms), or for high-precision topographic operations (soundings).

  • One 3D Trimble TX scanner
    Scanner TX laser 3D
    The compact design and light weight of this scanner make it ideal for use in hard-to-access zones. Equipped with the same “time-of-flight” technology, this scanner can be used with precision on a variety of industrial sites..

  • One 3D NextEngine scanner
    Scanner Nextengine laser 3D
    In order to provide a more extensive range of services to its clients, Urbica has also embarked upon the scanning of small objects. Using this technology, Urbica can undertake the digitization of prototypes. A 3D printer completes this service.

  • One Trimble GS 200 3D scanner

    Scanner GS 200 laser 3D
    This 3D scanner uses time-of-flight technology developed for topographic surveys. Using a laser with a 300 m range, single measurements are accurate to 1.4 mm, with the capture of 5,000 points per second. Urbica has had this device since 2005 and uses it regularly for large-scale surveys (façade plans, volume measurements, outdoor industrial operations and the 3D modelling of buildings).

  • Theodolites
    In order to ensure the accuracy of certain surveys, Urbica regularly uses a total station (theodolite). This conventional topographic device ensures a high degree of accuracy by the application of a polygonal methodology and the determination of the target coordinates required for 3D laser scanning. The “One Man System” option allows the engineer to record measurements without the assistance of another operator.

  • Total Sation
    Our technician using the Total station (Ok, he's just looking up ;-) )
    To warantee accuracy of survey, Urbica often use total station (laser technology) in order to compute scanning target coordinates. "One Man System" option enable surveyor to work without any operator assistance.

  • High Precision Level
    High precision optical level

    The topographic level enable Urbica to know accurately the vertical height of survey site without using complicated topographic method.


  • One A0+ color scanner

    Scanner A0 2D A0+ scrolling scanner (colour) for the continuous digitization of A0 or A0+ plans.
  • two 360° HDR panoramic cameras
    Panoramic cameras
    In addition to the scanning of measurements, the recording of images on-site allows the generation of high-quality 360° spherical images, specifically by the application of HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology.


IT equipment

In addition to the toughened PCs required for the processing of data on site, the Urbica processing site (in Marne-La-Vallée) is equipped with around twenty IT workstations which deliver a robust and reliable performance, together with an efficient and secure LAN and WAN computer network. Some machines operate in masked time, running a number of “routine” processes which are essential to the processing and exporting of large files, such as point clouds.
urbica 3D laser scanning