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Frequently asked questions

Technology & hardware

What is a phase-shift scanner ?
What is a time-of-flight scanner ?
Is your equipment ATEX-approved ?
How much does a scanner cost ?
Is it possible to hire a scanner ?
What is the best scanner ?
Is the laser used in your equipment hazardous to human health ?
Who invented the laser scanner ?

Deployment & applications

How is a laser scanning survey completed ?
What are the limitations on the use of a laser scanner ?
How long does it take to record a shot ?
Must the device be stand-mounted ?
Can a laser scan be combined with a topographical survey ?
Why use a theodolite in addition to a scanner ?
How is power supplied to the scanner ?
Is it possible to scan in total darkness ?
Can the laser pass through walls ?
Is it possible to scan in the rain ?
What is the purpose of targets and spheres ?
Is it possible to scan a small object, such as a telephone ?
Can a scanner operate while in motion ?
Is it possible to scan through water? Or glass ?
Will the scanner work in a radioactive environment ?
Is it possible to scan a moving object ?
What is the service temperature range for the scanner ?
Is it possible to scan in colour ?

General points

What are the advantages and drawbacks of laser scanning ?
Who undertakes scans for Urbica ?
Where does Urbica operate ?
What is the response time of Urbica ?
How much does a laser survey cost ?
Is 3D scanning eco-friendly ?
Does Urbica undertake traditional surveys ?
Can I have a demonstration ?
In what respect is a laser scan exhaustive ?
How can you be sure of the accuracy of scanning ?
How is the quality of results confirmed ?
Has Urbica implemented a quality system ?

Applications & processing of results

What can be done with a point cloud ?
What is the size of files produced by the scanner ?
How are files read ?
What type of computer is needed to open a point cloud ?
Can a point cloud be compared with a theoretical model ?
If I have a point cloud, can you model it ?
How do I know if my model is consistent with reality ?
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