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Commercial and technical teams continue to expand Urbica can boast 7 scanners and 2 professional cameras for 360° HDR photos Acquisition of a dedicated scanner and 3D printer for "small objects",
Acquisition of a second "long-range" scanner and recruitment of a third surveyor-topographer,
recruitment of a surveyor; Welcome Géraud !
Purchase of a short range phase shift scanner
New logo, purchase of a 3rd scanner, recruitment of a surveyor,

Increase of capital and 3D scanner facilities, expansion of 3D modelling contracts with industrial operators (in the chemical, power and manufacturing sectors) and design offices,

Launch of 3D scanning operations in nuclear power plants, for the conduct of maintenance operations,
Development of 3D scanning operations for numerous firms of surveyors,
Avril 2005
URBICA Ingeniérie, together with the firm of surveyors CAILLEUX-FOUCHE SA, establishes a subsidiary "TOPOTRONIQUE", specializing in real-time soundings, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day,
Février 2005
URBICA Ingeniérie expands its sounding and data processing operations by investing in 3D scanner technology,
URBICA Ingénierie develops solutions and softwares for the capture, interpretation and transmission of millimetric measurements,
After deployment, URBICA SA becomes "URBICA Ingénierie",
The company URBICA, established in 1986 by various players from the IT sector (IBM, Siemens, Control Data) is swiftly recognized as a leading operator on the geographical IT market. From the outset, the operations of URBICA have focused on LOCALIZED DATA :
  • digitization of plans,,
  • digitization, vectorization, enrichment and processing of geographical data bases,
  • 3-dimensional modelling, creation of digital models,
  • development of interfaces and data exchange formats between softwares used in this sector.
urbica 3D laser scanning