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Scan Review: collaborative operations using 3D shots

Modèle 3D

Accordingly, the engineer can (re)visit the digitized installation and navigate between views, zoom in on the facilities of their choice and print out the current on-screen view. By means of simple mouse clicks, images are editable (by the application of notes or pictograms to the photographic image) and measurable (with the logging of dimensions in 3D). At any time, the parties involved in an analysis (of electricity systems, structures, piping, processes, etc.) can share the location of stages involved in their respective project: dismantling of flanges, movement of raceways, de-bottlenecking of skids, replacement of an IPN, etc. Notes appended in this way can also be accompanied by links to professional documents (shutdown notices, installation instructions, maintenance reports, photos, PDFs, etc.). All these annotations and measurements are recordable and transferable via a private network or the Internet. By accessing the HTTP address notified, authorized users can enjoy simultaneous access to the same information source. This upgradeable module, which is 100%-compatible with Web standards, is configurable and adaptable to each requirement, by the editing of the HTML content of pages.

However, if you want to test this solution right away, we can quickly set up preferential access to our site for the conduct of an online demonstration : contact us if you are interested.

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