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  • Topotronique : a subsidiary specializing in the real-time sounding of specific structures (tunnels, bridges, wells and shafts);
  • Trimble : manufacturer of topographic surveying stations, 3D scanners and editor of specialized softwares like LaserGen, Realworks or 3DIpsos;
  • Topo+ : specialists in the sale of complete stations, topographic GPS systems and Trimble 3D scanners;
  • Open Design Alliance : : Urbica is a member of the Open Design Alliance, that promotes the use of standard DXF and DGN exchange format;
  • Pointools : Urbica is an agent for Pointools licences. This module is specifically intended for installation in Autocad, for the straightforward integration of any type of cloud of points in your customary CAD tool;

  • Urbica is a member of Europétrole , and delivers dedicated 3D scanning dimensional survey services for the oil and gas sector;

  • Urbica is a member of the PDMS World specialized forum; ;


urbica 3D laser scanning