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Urbica S.A.R.L.

Upon the relaunch of Urbica in 1998, we little imagined that our business - the creation of localized data bases for incorporation into multiple Geographical Information Systems - would soon take us into the world of 3D.
Urbica - Although it has progressed, our core business remains the same.

Urbica is essentially a people-based company. Our team of surveyors, topographers, computer specialists and sales personnel have human qualities which are appreciated by our clients. These qualities involve a combination of expertise, professional rigour, innovation and ingenuity.

Diverse tasks can be undertaken.
Operations are conducted in a variety of environments.
Compliance with production times is observed.
Files delivered are accurate.

It is for these reasons, no doubt, that clients keep coming back to Urbica. Give them a call - they will explain this better than we can.


Emmanuel Delahousse

urbica 3D laser scanning