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Laser scanning in architecture

Urbica can support surveyors, architects or departmental managers in the production of 2D or 3D plans.
From the production of a simple façade plan to section diagrams of buildings on a Hausmannian scale, ranging through 3D plans of roof structures or structural frameworks, large-scale reception rooms or entrance lobbies accommodating the confluence of majestic stairways ... this is the brief of our team.

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  • Control of structural deformation
  • Elevations, section, plan view
  • 3D model of building
  • Complex façade plans
  • Building plans
  • Roofing plans
  • Restitution of architectural details: mouldings, corbels, roses, etc.
  • Preservation and archiving of classified and historic monuments
  • Public presentation of civil engineering structures
  • Dimensional survey
  • Virtual tour of an edifice

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  • Very high capture speeds
  • Exhaustive and detailed plans
  • Frequently more cost-effective than a conventional survey
  • 3D view of the building

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  • Files types: Autocad (DXF/DWG), Microstation (DGN),
    Solidworks, 3DStudioMax (3ds & max), Pointools (POD/PTL) ,
    and of course all the open format files like IGES, OBJ, STEP, VRML etc...
  • 3D models
  • Structured 3D model, with attached catalog
  • Accurate, high density point cloud, with a high level of detail
  • Faithful restitution of complex monuments
  • 2D orthographic image (façade, cut section, elevation, layouts, …)
  • 2D digitized data (façade, cut section, elevation, layouts, …)
  • Scan-review (Collaborative review of laser survey through panoramic images)

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