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Safeguarding our cultural heritage

Today, numerous buildings or heritage sites require plans, if only for the production of a realistic presentation in which the general public can undertake a virtual tour.
The presentation of up-to-date plans of a castle or a cathedral - right down to measuring the smile of a gargoyle 40 metres above the ground - measuring the height of an arch, calculating the base area of a watchtower or the progressive settlement of a retaining wall, all these are included in the services delivered by Urbica.

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  • Sounding and monitoring, deformation control
  • 3D model of civil engineering structure
  • Preservation, conservation and safeguarding of a cultural site
  • Archiving of archaeological site
  • 3D model of excavations
  • Public presentation of works
  • 3D video filming for heritage presentation
  • Popular access to unknown works
  • Digitization of valuable works
  • Creation of a virtual image or animation for communication,
    presentation or documentation
  • Reproduction of objects by silk-screen or 3D printing
  • Façade plan
  • Dimensional survey

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  • Reduced operating costs
  • Generation of a 3D model of the existing structure
  • Faithful restitution of a complex site
  • Handling of the structure can be omitted
  • 3D or 2D data files, obtained by the same survey campaign
  • Potential for "total" or "partial" modelling
  • Subsequent "total" or "partial" modelling
  • Scans with a high precision and a high level of details
  • Virtual presentation to the public
  • Speed of response
  • Scans completed by a specialized team of topographic
  • Exhaustive scans, with a high density and a high level of detail
  • Results suitable for processing in all CAD tools
  • Rapid results, often available for processing within days
    of on-site scanning
  • A single team, from ordering through to delivery
  • Speed of capture of on-site measurements

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  • Files types: Autocad (DXF/DWG), Microstation (DGN), Solidworks, 3DStudioMax (3ds & max),
    3Dipsos (IPS), Realworks (RWP), Pointools (POD/PTL) , PDMS (macros), PDS
    and of course all the open format files like IGES, OBJ, STEP, VRML etc...
  • 3D model
  • Points cloud
  • Video (conventional or stereoscopic 3D)
  • 2D orthographic image (façade, cut section, elevation, layouts, …)
  • 2D digitized data (façade, cut section, elevation, layouts, …)
  • Scan-review (Collaborative review of laser survey through panoramic images)

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