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Industrial plants: a tailored solution

In the boiler-making, metallurgy, chemicals or agri-foodstuffs sectors ...
In specialized production facilities for paper, plastic or glass ...
In conjunction with the modification of production lines, the reinstatement of workshops, or the establishment of compliance with new environmental standards ...

Laser scanning of industrial installations provides the guarantee of a project based upon solid foundations.

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  • Addition of equipment to an existing installation
  • Kinematics for the movement of equipment in situ
  • Clash detection between the existing site and the 3D plan
  • Conformity control of a new installation
  • Warehouse control of structural deformation
  • Flatness control for a travelling crane
  • Creation or updating of an equipment data base
  • Generation of a 3D model of an existing installation
  • Clash detection between as-built condition and plan or project
  • Generation of a plot plan, layout, plan view or isometric
  • Management of industrial facilities
  • Maintenance (piping, equipment, structure)
  • Revamping
  • Pipe rack plans
  • Plans of clean rooms
  • Space and volume occupation management
  • Management of industrial facilities (workshop)
  • 3D Dimensional survey and measurements
  • Workshop maintenance
  • Pipe connection on an existing system (tie-in)
  • Survey of piping systems, de structure
  • Virtual 3D inspection of an installation

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  • Speed of capture of on-site measurements
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Expertise in 3D laser scanning
  • 3D or 2D data files, obtained by the same survey campaign
  • High accuracy of scanning
  • Speed of response
  • Exhaustive scans
  • High-speed scanning of clean rooms
  • Results suitable for processing in all CAD tools
  • Rapid results, often available for processing within days of on-site scanning
  • Tailored service

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  • Files types: Autocad (DXF/DWG), Microstation (DGN), Solidworks, 3DStudioMax (3ds & max),
    3Dipsos (IPS), Realworks (RWP), Pointools (POD/PTL) , PDMS (macros), PDS
    and of course all the open format files like IGES, OBJ, STEP, VRML etc...
  • 3D model
  • Structured 3D model, with attached catalog
  • Accurate, high density point cloud, with a high level of detail
  • 2 dimensional images (cut sections, layouts, …)
  • 2 dimensional digitized file ( cut sections, layouts,…)
  • Scan-review (Collaborative review of laser survey through panoramic images)

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Types of installations operated

  • Agri-foodstuffs plants
  • Automobile plants
  • Production lines
  • Shipyards
  • Steelworks
  • Blast furnaces
  • Aeronautics plants
  • Assembly lines
  • High-grade chemicals

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